talented friends

on the topic of talented friends, i’m beginning to realise i have quite a few.

introducing, cody spencer: the man responsible for the photographs above.  those pictured are amanda caruana, sarah caruana, xanthi zarrella and taylor george: actress, artist, actress and musician respectively.

i do believe this guy has high contrast black and white nailed.  he works on weddings occasionally but mostly photographs friends, gigs and parties. you will definitely see more of this guy on illuminated in the future.

besides all that i may be a little biased due to the fact that these photos include the shiny faces of some of my favourite humans hanging out back home.

depicted is amanda caruana and xanthi zarrella’s performance at the tea club on the south coast of my homelands.  i was in sunny barcelona, spain with them a few months ago enjoying the final few weeks of a truly glorious summer there. they were both attending a number of specialised acting courses just outside the city.  a sound investment – i heard it was an amazing performance!

i have included a selection of just five from his pirate tea series but if you’re keen to discover more of cody spencer’s work, click here for his flickr

à bientôt  xx


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