favourite monument

i find it hard to pick one favourite of anything.  i remember vividly that as a little girl i never truly had a favourite colour, i just kind of told people it was whatever colour my friends liked, usually pink.

it always made (and continues to make) me terribly anxious to pick only one favourite. darcey, my gorgeous cousin’s favourite colour was always “rainbow”.  that girl was blessed with some brains.

as with colours, if i am to be honest, i have a number of favourite parisian monuments.  however, i feel particularly attached to les invalides.   the first time i saw it was from a great distance, it’s relatively tiny golden dome competing for attention with the eiffel tower from where i was standing, here at the top of trocadero.

i fell in love. like when you see someone you’re inexplicably attracted to for the first time, i wanted to know all about him.  what is his name? where can i find him? what’s he all about anyway?

and in this case, it turns out that my love for him is enduring.  no matter what kind of light the day brings, his gold dome stands out luminous against the sky and i am mesmerised.

these polaroids taken by one of my favourite new friends (who actually feels like an old friend), claire molloy, seem to capture his beauty perfectly don’t you think?



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3 responses to “favourite monument

  1. Claire Molloy

    Wonderful analogy. Personally, I was always a pink girl from a very young age, but I think you would have guessed that of me somehow. My favourite monument in the French capital, I chose also for its beauty and desire of a little girls dream to be a ballerina, Palais Garnier

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