jessica harrison


check it out!

i am partial to a little bit of gore at times.  especially when used playfully and with humour.  edinburgh based ceramicist and sculptor jessica harrison, has absolutely nailed the contrast of blood and guts with smiles and grace.  her concept here seems to me so simple and straightforward which is perhaps why these little sculptures are so popular, so hilarious.

according to the artist however, a number of similarly juxtaposing layers lay just under the surface.  harrison speaks about ideas of making a hard object (the miniature figurine) soft by exposing her insides.  she also mentions the importance of the process itself – how delicately the figure is physically deconstructed and reconstructed, opposed to the apparent violence implied by severed heads, the spilling out of intestines and cut throats.

this is all very interesting, i would like to tell the artist, but what makes me smile the widest is the smiles, delight and charm on the faces of the figurines as their organs spill out.  take note of amy jane in the green (the last piece pictured).  isn’t she just adorable?

many bloggers have posted about this artist – i am certainly not the first and her facebook fans seem to be breeding at present.  become a fan yourself here.  you might also be interested to know that harrison has just announced that a limited edition of prints (photographs of the sculptures) are now available on her website.  a fabulous option if you can’t afford one of the pieces themselves!





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2 responses to “jessica harrison

  1. How great! I almost didn’t notice the gore until I got to the one with the guts. Love how delicately done these are.

  2. Lola

    I love this one! Coolest sculptures and you write a nice post – as you say, a lot of blogs have posted about these sculptures – but i love your personal touch!

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