so the following work by boneface is another little something i stumbled across online just recently.

this guy is clearly obsessed by comics.  within all of his work is a reference to violence, battle or some kind of epic dilemma to be faced.  the style of the work featured in this post is the artists latest mode of expression but please check out the guy’s website as you will find archives of other very nice work in similar but varied styles.

i love the violence implied in his pieces and the humour which is evident in combination with the rest of boneface’s body of work.  the artist has effectively created scenarios where everyday people can become superheroes and superheroes seem more akin to us mere mortals.  i love that he toys with the possibility that pair of incredible hulk gloves and a mask is all one might need to become invincible.  it takes my imagination in all sorts of directions!

in the theme of comics, there is a play with narrative in these works which leaves a lot to the imagination and the true violence occurs in our minds where only a token (a line of blood, radiating impact lines, a clenched fist, broken glass) occurs in the image.

the candy coloured works are playful, light and fun. and being a massive batman fan, i can’t help but love boneface’s nosebleed portraits of the superhero in question.  his sidekick (robin’s) nosebleed makes me smile too!



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