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stacey rozich

i love this womannn.  i just found her recently through a blog i frequent named my love for you is a stampede of horses.

the best way i can describe it is like taking where the wild things are and drenching the characters with hyper-colours, geometric patterns and slightly more gruesome visages.  the ‘wild things’ reference is stretched further by rozich’s interest in tribal costume.  sited in another post by my love for you, the artists speaks of tribal influences including north west native american, west african and also an affection for 70s russian folktale cinema and eastern european illustration.

as you can probably see, each work depicts a little narrative and every detail reflects an aspect of the character.  like the traditions rozich refers to, each element of her pieces hold significance in the telling of a tale.   i especially love the juxtaposition of the happy sweet colours and bold patterns with the eyeless masks and more gruesome details.  i actually really like the more gruesome details: the worm like faces hiding behind masks and the sharp claws, teeth, spears, horns, axes and tongues.  in the telling of these stories rozich invents her own mythologies and legends.

whats MORE, one of my favourite bands ever (introduced to me by the one and only lachlan dale – no one i know is more obsessed with creating and absorbing (good) music than he – his blogs here, here and here) earth, have commissioned stacey rozich to create the artwork for their recently released album ‘angels of darkness, demons of light’.



earth’s vocabulary similarly consists of mainly folklore and mythological references and i believe this album to be an astounding collaboration of visual and aural.  it makes for a sublime sensory experience.

listen to this song descend to the zenith while browsing rozich’s work, if you will.  tell me what you think.


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i was introduced to a frenchy by the name of ‘freeka tet’ recently.  one night i met with an australian friend, ‘reecard farché’ who was in paris just for one more evening to play a gig.  reecard wears an amazing penis on his face when performing his electronic musical somethings.  freeka makes similar performances himself, though i have only seen him on stage once.  on this occasion he wore some big pink ears, and brushed his teeth…

BUT i am getting off topic little.  the thing i am personally more interested in for this post is that freeka also likes to make tattoos on people.  for a lot of reasons i have always been fascinated by tattoos – aesthetically and conceptually i believe it to be a really exciting practice.  and these tattoos i particularly adore.

the idea of permanence involved with tattoo art (for me) also conversely refers to the notion of personal changes with the passage of time.  besides how beautiful tattoos can be i think for some of us the act of placing something visual and permanent on our skin can be an attempt to imprint and show off an important piece of our individual story.  as with the pieces above, tattoos are a personal business and for the outsider it’s impossible to understand completely what or why.  i think this makes the whole idea a little bit special.

freeka was trained in visual arts and advertising, later working in graphic design for several years.  but as he said to me,

the tattoos i am doing are the opposite of everything i learnt in school, its more linked with my music

you might have understood already from my brief description of his music that this is far from any kind of formal or institutionalised form of art.  it seems to me to be a more spontaneous, child-like, happy and sometimes violent expression of energy.

in this sense i am reminded of my last post on basquiat and both artists’ connections to the art brut style.  freeka also sites the cobra movement of 1948-51 including a collection of mostly dutch and danish painters committed to spontaneity and freedom of colour and form.

the way freeka himself began the tattooing was to make a dot with the basic needle and ink on his friends and eventually progressed to a ‘real’ tattoo gun machine.  in fact, he practiced on himself in the beginning – apparently the top of ones’ legs is a nice and easy place to start – and tells me it doesn’t really hurt because of how focussed one must be to make the tattoo.  i can almost believe him but when he offers me, if i’m interested, to try it on myself  i don’t hesitate (too much) to reply in the negative.

shortly after this kind suggestion, i discussed with freeka the addictive quality of tattoos and truly, i can’t say i’m not tempted to have a go…

to see more of freeka’s tattoos
click here
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sites for his music, art, performance
and video please click here

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it’s going to be a good year

i have been slack due to the arrival of a certain special someone, but i will be back soon

happy new year!

bonne année!


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