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jessica harrison


check it out!

i am partial to a little bit of gore at times.  especially when used playfully and with humour.  edinburgh based ceramicist and sculptor jessica harrison, has absolutely nailed the contrast of blood and guts with smiles and grace.  her concept here seems to me so simple and straightforward which is perhaps why these little sculptures are so popular, so hilarious.

according to the artist however, a number of similarly juxtaposing layers lay just under the surface.  harrison speaks about ideas of making a hard object (the miniature figurine) soft by exposing her insides.  she also mentions the importance of the process itself – how delicately the figure is physically deconstructed and reconstructed, opposed to the apparent violence implied by severed heads, the spilling out of intestines and cut throats.

this is all very interesting, i would like to tell the artist, but what makes me smile the widest is the smiles, delight and charm on the faces of the figurines as their organs spill out.  take note of amy jane in the green (the last piece pictured).  isn’t she just adorable?

many bloggers have posted about this artist – i am certainly not the first and her facebook fans seem to be breeding at present.  become a fan yourself here.  you might also be interested to know that harrison has just announced that a limited edition of prints (photographs of the sculptures) are now available on her website.  a fabulous option if you can’t afford one of the pieces themselves!





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eating in edinburgh, to the dogs




hello 2011!


days, months, years, time ayyy. time just keeps on moving (depending on your perspective) forward. like birthdays, the new year is just a number and a great excuse for a party really.  nice


how was your christmas?  the love of my life whisked me away to edinburgh for a week over the holiday period and besides the whole ‘white christmas’ thing and the location itself being absolutely spectacular, boy did we eat.  i think missing our family and usual holiday traditions was compensated for by lots and lots of good food.  i became especially friendly with some of scotland’s favourites: haggis and tatttie scones.


from our favourite local pub, deacon brodies, to the chain-y diner restaurant option down the road named the filling station (who delivered on the promise of it’s name, much to the delight and amusement of my boyfriend), to the beautiful little christmas markets in the centre of town where we tried some amazing venison burgers, i found the local cuisine to be consistently delicious, hearty and warming.


one particularly awesome place to eat was located a couple of blocks away from the centre of town and is one i feel deserves a little schpeil.


introducing the dogs.   i urge you, if ever in edinburgh, please schedule a short stop here.  founder, david ramsden has crafted a simple, fresh and homely little space where the cutlery and serviette is handed to you in your (large!) water glass as you are seated, the dark wood furniture doesn’t match and your food is served in old-school, home-style dining ware.  the lights are low, the wines are tasty, the staff are casual and friendly, the prices are sweet and most importantly the food is superb.


i am under the impression the ambiance here follows the new wave of “the casualization” of  fine dining.  i certainly felt more comfortable than usual dining out in this setting and am excited to find and read about it’s influence spreading all over europe at the moment (the art of eating issue no. 82).


the two of us ate three courses each and of particular mention was an entree of chicken liver pate with red onion jam, and after having a disappointingly dry serving of turkey at the hotel’s christmas lunch, my turkey karma was suitably re-aligned with an impressive main of pan fried turkey breast with carrot and parsnip mash, cranberry and chestnut jus – complete with stuffing!   it was to die for.  i don’t think i said much at all from the first bite to the last, rapped in the delight of it.  i must also mention my man friend’s desert: whisky jelly, oatmeal cream and raspberry sorbet.  i called it genius a the time and i can still remember the taste of the tiny spoonful i managed to pilfer.


having been wow-ed so thoroughly i did some research directly after this and found that just next door is a sister restaurant, amore dogs with under dogs below that and sea dogs just a couple of blocks away. ten points for guessing the themes for these little joints (click on the links to find out if you’re right – also please take note of the cute logos!)


the man and i visited sea dogs a couple of nights later and left far from disappointed.  the only regret we shared was that we didn’t have time to visit the remaining members of the dogs family during our stay in edinburgh.


to the dogs!


p.s. all images are courtesy of the dogs website


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