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oliver morris

mannnnnnn i am in double exposure heaven.

i’m massively cheating with this post and i swear i’ll get back on track with the street art series soon but  i absolutely couldn’t just walk on by without (shamelessly) re-posting the photographs i found here on booooooom.

so soft, so dreamy and with a definite sense of the crispy cool in-between seasons feeling that permeates our days this time of the year in both the northern and southern hemispheres.  the dusky light of the skies, the movement of the grass and trees and the female silhouette all together satisfies my aesthetic appetite and generally makes me happy.

check out the photographer’s flickr here for more eye candy 😉







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cody spencer


hello world

i want to give you the short & sweet about a bloke i know, cody spencer.

he’s an amazing young photographer.  this collection of shots is from a group called skate diary.  they’re actually about two years old but i think, in my humble opinion, some of his best work i’ve come across so far.  these shots belong in skate magazines or on someones wall.

check out those featured above  ..  ..
& click below for more

and this one here is paddy and jimmy which is my personal ‘pick’ of the ‘bunch’



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jacqueline di milla



this female is a little bit clever.

initially i was attracted aesthetically.  their simplicity, translucence and generous use of nice calm white space lured me in and gave me the opportunity to regard the subject matter.  to me, often the most interesting element of a piece of art and it’s subject is what’s left out. which leaves room for our imagination to be free to wander and create little narratives or assumptions: another reason i’m a fan of these photographs.  i also immediately assumed the overlapping effect was created digitally.

however, i was wrong.  when i got in touch with the artist herself, di milla informed me that she produced these photographs not by way of newfangled, anyone-can-be-pro-with-a-photoshop- kit, digital technology but instead in camera manipulating multiple exposures on the same frame of film.

for anyone who has any idea about photography, this is not a simple task and to put it mildly i am in awe.  di milla has her craft honed.

it’s so lovely that people like her still care enough about analogue photography to go the distance. hat’s off to you jacqueline di milla!

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il neige


every crystal was a masterpiece of design, and no one design was ever repeated. when a snowflake melted, that design was forever lost ~ wilson a. bently

bonsoir mes amis,

today paris was blanketed in snow… il neige!  =  it snows! it’s quite possibly one of my favourite french phrases to say right now.  although it turned to slush fairly quickly and despite the fact i have seen snow several times before in my life on the ski fields of my homelands and again while living in Vancouver for a short time, snow at christmas time turns me into a six year old.

it was made more exciting when i took a closer look at the snowflakes that had fallen on the black rail of the balcony – the shape of the single snowflake was the exact same as the cartoon shapes that appear on christmas cards, only so tiny that it was difficult to see with the naked eye.  at risk of sounding even more like a six year old i never ever (in my long legged life) knew anything about this.

so i did what my friend, Emily, does when she needs answers.  I wiki-d it.

as it turns out, the photographs above by mr wilson a. bently, were some of the first photographs of this amazing phenomenon.  the technology bently pioneered is said to have made a significant contribution in both scientific and photographic realms.  In fact, the method for photographing snowflakes has hardly changed since the man took the first shot in 1885.

it’s terribly ironic/whimsical/makes for a cool story that the guy died out in a blizzard.  2 days before christmas and just a few short weeks after the publication of his ground breaking book in 1938.

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talented friends

on the topic of talented friends, i’m beginning to realise i have quite a few.

introducing, cody spencer: the man responsible for the photographs above.  those pictured are amanda caruana, sarah caruana, xanthi zarrella and taylor george: actress, artist, actress and musician respectively.

i do believe this guy has high contrast black and white nailed.  he works on weddings occasionally but mostly photographs friends, gigs and parties. you will definitely see more of this guy on illuminated in the future.

besides all that i may be a little biased due to the fact that these photos include the shiny faces of some of my favourite humans hanging out back home.

depicted is amanda caruana and xanthi zarrella’s performance at the tea club on the south coast of my homelands.  i was in sunny barcelona, spain with them a few months ago enjoying the final few weeks of a truly glorious summer there. they were both attending a number of specialised acting courses just outside the city.  a sound investment – i heard it was an amazing performance!

i have included a selection of just five from his pirate tea series but if you’re keen to discover more of cody spencer’s work, click here for his flickr

à bientôt  xx

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the blue hour in paris

i thought i might let you know about this man’s blog.  he’s a little bit amazing…

i have been following the blog, the blue hour, for a couple of years now and it’s safe to say this really is one of my all time favourite bloggers.  blog creator and photographer, brian ferry, speaks a lot about his passion for light and so I thought this would be an apt reference from which to get the ball rolling.

he’s also a lovely guy.  i emailed him a while back to ask for some quick tips on photographing food for a high school hospitality class i was asked to work with and (without really expecting a response) he replied immediately and with some extremely helpful hints.

besides enticing (especially the food and travel related posts) i find the images extremely calming.  i particularly admire the use of light in his photographs.  but don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself: click here

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