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genevieve dieng


here you will find the drawings of a girl.

her name is genevieve dieng and i just happened to spot her drawing out in the sunshine on the terrace of the palais de tokyo, not far from when i live.  as soon as my eye caught what she was working on i had to take a closer look…

the drawings i watched her make (and later summoned the courage to ask her about) were ridiculously detailed, feminine and lush.  i wanted to be one of the girls in her drawings with endless flowing hair, angry mouths and surrounded by raining, radiating patterns of flowers, snakes, disco balls and playing cards.

something about her drawings is decidedly melancholy.  despite some of the work being hyper coloured and full of movement and action, the expressions of the characters remain somber and deadly serious.  i like the contrast… it’s very zen in a strange way.

so, taking a deep breath and unearthing my best french – errrrr franglais i found out that dieng studies art at the moment and that she preferred i didn’t show any of the work she had in her sketchbook – a HUGE shame as the work i saw was truly magnificent!

massively disappointed i pushed a little further and was told i could find some of her older work on her facebook page.  the following is what i found…



pas mal, genevieve!




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